A daughter should not have to pay for the sins of a father. But that is exactly what Katherine Langdell is doing. In her world magic is everywhere, everyone is born with it,  but not all die having kept it. Most grow up and forget it. All who don’t have the money to study their magic at a magical institute, surely will forget. But Katherine has a secret: She’s twenty, and still has her magic even though she’s never been taught. This secret is what saves her family - After a terrible trade gone wrong her father, a merchant, is accused of stealing from the Shade: A terribly powerful and terrifying individual that is right-hand to the king himself. Katherine offers herself as an indentured servant to spare her father of a punishment that will destroy the family name and business, a business she helped create. After learning that she has, somehow, still held onto her magic at such an age, the Shade is curious and accepts her bargain. Katherine is then thrust into a world full of deceit and manipulation and finds herself in the middle of a plot to overthrow the royal family, not to mention her magic isn’t fitting into any category currently in practice. Katherine has to navigate dangerous waters between her own safety, a dangerous king and a powerful Shade. She doesn’t like her odds.
The Cosmos Quartet is a four part series about Katherine's survival in a dangerous world full of magic, vengeance and feral love.

© 2015 by Caitlyn E. Lloyd