The Firebrand Chronicles is a three part fiction series that is centered around eighteen year old Ember.


 The first instalment in the epic story is Erosion.


 After the war the planet was laid barren and Martial Law became the new government and way of life. Now, what is left of the population of Earth, is divided between two districts. The Highs: the wealthy and fortunate. And the Lows: the poor and the reminiscent of an older way of life.

 Ember Cantor is a daughter of two very important innovators from the Highs, parents who have the prvivlage of being close to General Strom, the appointed dictator of Ember's world.

 But when those closest to Ember are tragically affected by subterfuge, she must find out why she was the cause and who she can really trust. All the while fight for her very life and decide which side she's truly on.

 Gaining allies in the most unexpected place, she sets out to learn about her sudden misfortunes. Along the way she might just learn the full extent some are willing to go for what they believe to be right; how it feels to be loved unconditionally and most of all, what makes someone truly human.

© 2015 by Caitlyn E. Lloyd