"Magic is a parasite. Use at your own risk."

Magic Denizen is a bit of a test project for Caitlyn E. Lloyd. An entire novel posted online, as she writes it. 

   "I've always wanted to write a standalone novel, and up till now every idea and plot I've had has needed to be a series. But this one, I have an ending. It's set in my mind. I've also always loved the classic formula of penny dreadfulls, or chapters being printed in the newspaper by authors such as Dickens. So, this is my modern adaptation of that motif."


Set in modern day, Caitlyn takes us on a trip full of twists and turns of the new and familiar.

Hendrick is a young man, and orphan, diagnosed with a severe case of OCD. He enrolls himself in an institute that medicates him and keeps him level. Until he meets Madeline, a new patient, that's when things start to unravel. She's odd and definitely crazy, and she seems to attract trouble in strange forms.

First it starts with the beetles. Then the crows. Then the assassins.

Assassins that are after Hendrick and wield a strange, impossible, power. Madeline saves him and breaks him out of the institute, pulling him into the dark and dangerous world of the magical underground. Turns out magic is real, and it's a parasite. His OCD? Just the magic knocking from the void, and his counting a way to subconsciously stabilize and protect himself from the invasive power. But Madeline doesn’t want him safe, she wants him dangerous, there's an evil rising and she needs Hendrick's help to stop it.


© 2015 by Caitlyn E. Lloyd