War Review

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War (The Four Horseman #2)

By Laura Thalassa

Originally Published July 10th, 2019

Single POV, First Person

The Horseman series is four books (only two currently out ATM) following the different women that become entangled with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It's modern times, but it's the end times and the only thing that will stop humanities utter destruction are the women that stop the horsemen. In book one we saw Pestilence, now it's War's turn.


War is my favorite of the four horsemen (the concept of, at least), so I was excited to have him be the next center point in Thalassa’s Horsemen series.

I mainly loved the first half the most, but the last few chapters were my favorite. War is a broody, bloody man. Miriam is a strong, engaging MC. I loved that the book took place in a different part of the world than Pestilence did. It was set in the Middle East and had a mix of cultures. While I wish it was a little more fleshed out—it still read like it was a Midwest-set book—at the end of the day it’s a romance and I got plenty of Miriam and War. I think this is Thalassa’s longest book? Not sure, but it was pretty lengthy. Lots of action (obviously, it’s War), lots of bickering and angry love (definitely a hate to love romance!), and there were quite a few gut-wrenching moments!

I can’t wait for Famine! Thalassa has promised us a 2020 released date.