A Deal with the Devil Review

A Deal with the Devil (Boys of Preston Prep #2)

By Angel Lawson & Samantha Rue

Originally Published August 20th, 2020

Dual POV, First Person

This is the second in a series. To see my review of book one, click here!

I read book one in the Boys of Preston Prep a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. This series tackles a lot of diverse subjects--social and physical--and I find it refreshing. Usually, Bully Romances all kind of have the same formula--it's a formula I absolutely love, though--but this series kind of shakes it up. A Deal with the Devil was even more enjoyable than its predecessor, to me, and I've already preordered book three! This one wasn't quite Bully Romance, more second chance romance, but it was definitely a taboo affair that I ate up with every page.

ADWTD features Vandy, who we vaguely met in book one. She's a damaged girl, both physically from a car wreck, and emotionally. After her wreck and subsequent recovery, Vandy became addicted to painkillers. This book starts with her determined to wash the habit and spend her senior year clear-headed.

Then there is Reyn. A kleptomaniac with severe trust issues, Reyn is the reason the car wreck that hurt Vandy happened, and he's never forgiven himself. Back at Preston Prep after a stint at a reforming school, Reyn wants nothing more than to breeze through the year without any incident that could send him back to that military school.

When they are reunited, sparks fly and they can't deny their chemistry even if both of them fight it. Neighbors, overprotective big brothers, and heartbreaking character development. A Deal with a Devil is a must for any fan of emotional, darkish, taboo romances.