Alex, Approximately Review

Alex, Approximately

By Jenn Bennett

Originally Published April 4th, 2017

Single POV, First Person

It's books like Alex, Approximately that remind me why I should take a break from all the Fantasy and read some contemporary here and there. I honestly really enjoyed reading this book, it has been a long time since I have smiled and laughed as much while reading.

Bailey has moved to California to live with her father. It also happens to be the same town the boy she has been messaging with online lives too. A boy she's been crushing on hard. Riddled with anxiety about meeting him in the flesh, she decides to find him before she tells him she's moved to make sure they would actually be a good fit in real life. While on the hunt using only small hints as to his work place, she gets a summer job at a local tourist museum. There, she meets Porter and all her plans start to turn into a chore. She must decide on the fantasy of her online crush, or the boy that drives her crazy in the best of ways.

Bailey is a teen riddled with anxiety and PTSD from trauma in her childhood. She is sensitive and relatable on a very personal level for anyone who has ever deflected to avoid any kind of social interaction. Porter is a charming surfer boy, but has depth and character and his own insecurities he his learning to handle. Together, Bailey and Porter immediately clash and thus begins a push and pull full of tension and angst that I simply love in any book with romance in it. While some of the plot is very predictable, as most contemporaries are, I still loved reading every step Bailey and Porter took together--even if it was steps away from each other.

Alex, Approximately is a fresh contemporary set in a cute beach town, full of all kinds of shenanigans and the best tropes out there in literature. It's the NA spin on You've Got Mail that you didn't even know you needed! This is my first book by Jenn Bennett and I've already added several others by her to my list. Do yourself a favor, read this and smile.