Angel's Blood Review

Angel's Blood (Guild Hunter #1)

By Nalini Singh

Originally Published March 3rd, 2009

One POV, First Person

This will be a quick review. I just finished this Urban Fantasy book and don't really have a whole lot to say.

In quarantine these past few months I've read A LOT of Urban Fantasy. Yes, most of it has been by Ilona Andrews, but still . . . With this genre I feel like books fall in two categories, done well, or done poorly. No in between. An author can even handle all the elements in an Urban Fantasy with grace and perfection, or they can't. Ilona Andrews is one such author duo that handle the genre with perfection. Nalini Singh . . . too be fair, this is the first book by this wildly popular author that I have read. There are a lot of reasons why this book might not have stood a chance in my head. It's too old and hasn't aged well? Ilona Andrews has spoiled me? After all, Singh is a very big name in adult mass market Urban Fantasy. I was referred to her by several people, a lot through this site and on Instagram. Goodreads and my Kindle constantly tried to get me to read her books. Her Psi-Changeling books always pop up because of the similarity to name of my own book. Alas, I was underwhelmed.

My initial review on Goodreads pretty much sums it up for me:

This is an Angel smut book with aspects of urban fantasy. Not an urban fantasy book that has angels in it. 👍

In the end, Singh focused so hard on the romance and smut that the characters were flat and bland, their decisions and development confusing and unrealistic, and the world building was messy and convoluted.

This all said, I did finish this book instead of DNFing it after the first fifty pages because, in reference to my earlier comment, while the book wasn't what I personally wished it was (well developed characters and world building with some romance on the side) I can still enjoy a smutty UF book if the romance has the things I like in a romance. This one does! Sort of enemies to lovers, lots of tension (no matter how ridiculous), and a super powerful alpha man!

Did I enjoy it yes! Did I think it was a well done book, no. If you're looking for something mindless and smutty instead of a book full of rich plot devices and characters, you'll enjoy this one. I did save it and will be rereading it and maybe the next book when I head to the beach in a couple weeks!