ARC of Twisted Love Review

Twisted Love (Twisted #1)

By Anna Huang

Originally Published April 29th, 2021

Dual POV, First Person

Twisted Love is a Contemporary Romance book that is befitting of its title. Full of twists and turns, this first book in a new series by Ana Huang is full of tension, lust, and dark secrets. Dual POV, we follow sweet Ava and troubled Alex as they find comfort in one another, both with pasts they have yet to reconcile.

New Adult romance, but it has darker themes and while it definitely isn't a Mafia Romance, it has Mafia vibes to it--corporate espionage, if you will. Lots of tropes I love in any romance, Alex and Ava were inevitable and their dance around their mutual attraction was cute. There is *spice* in this book! Alex is a--uh--driven man and that is reflected in the sheets. But, I personally am never a fan of fade-to-black, and most of the steamy chapters ended this way. The pacing was a bit choppy, but the plot was engaging and the mystery throughout the book was the real driving force of the story for me. Alex and Ava fit together, but their relationship never felt exactly real. This was probably due to the very hyped-up cast and achievements of the characters. The ages and the accomplishments of these characters forced me to suspend the believability of their development. As I said, their romance was inevitable in a way that made their interactions meh or outlandish based on their personalities.

Everyone who reads darker romances knows that what we love is angst, and broody vibes, and questionable morals. Ana Huang delivers on these fronts, offering us a start to a fun and wild series of linked standalones. Huang has written a wonderfully diverse cast, setting up for future books that I already know will offer their own individual type of spicy romance. I will be looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Don't let the "dark vibes" scare you away. There are some dark themes, but this was for sure on the lighter end of the Dark Romance spectrum. Possible trigger warnings: abuse. In the end, Twisted Love was a story about redemption, healing, and acceptance, and both Ava and Alex had their own demons to banish.