Artemis Fowl Disney+

I recently did a buddy read of the first book in this fantastic middle grade series full of fairies, scheming, and boy geniuses. We did this in prep for the Disney+ release of the Artemis Fowl movie and . . . well, we watched it and it was a train wreck!

I grew up as a Disney baby. We went to Disney World every year, and Disney films were a staple in our house growing up. I can not deny now, however, my bitterness over new age Disney. I'm not going to get into it, this post is about Artemis Fowl, but I found it prudent to tell you where I stand with what Disney has become (a monopoly that only cares about making money instead of the standard of product they release.)

I had this whole plan on posting the messages me and my friend sent to each other while we watched, but it got pretty brutal pretty quickly. Then I thought I just wouldn't do this post anymore at all. But I got messages on here, as well as on my Instagram asking for my review of the movie, so I knew I needed to do SOMETHING.

So, without further ado, here is my one GIF review of the Artemis Fowl movie on Disney+.

Read the book--the whole series. Skip the movie. :)