Bayou Moon Review

Bayou Moon (The Edge #2)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published September 1st, 2010

Multi POV, Third Person

This is the second in a series, to read the review of book one click here!

Following On the Edge, Bayou Moon surpassed all of my expectations for the second book in this urban fantasy series. I absolutely love Ilona Andrews and while their Kate Daniels series remains my favorite, this Edge series is nothing short of fantastic.

While each book in this four-book series are standalones, in a sense, there is an overreaching plot threaded throughout and connected in all the books via the amazing spectrum of characters. Bayou Moon is a book chock-full of action, colorful characters, chaos, heartbreak, and hope. William and Cerise are two people thrust together by circumstance, forced to fight a villain capable of horrendous violence and hate. Both William and cerise have their own causes to fight for and I found myself desperately rooting for them, not only as a couple, but as individuals,too, both searching for their own kind of safety and peace.

Simply put, I loved this book. I got hardcore Kate Daniels vibes from this one, even more so than the first in this series. There were also some pretty shocking moments, this Edge world is brutal!

On to book three . . .

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