Boyfriend Material Review

Boyfriend Material

By Alexis Hall

Originally Published February 23rd, 2021

Dual POV, First Person

Boyfriend Material was chosen as a buddy read for the #BABBookClub on bookstagram. I was glad I chose to join the read this month, and with perfect timing because I had just bought the audiobook for this one when the title was announced as February's read.

Boyfriend material was a charming, spastic romp of a book. An endearing Cometmproary Romance I will think of often. M/M romance; Luc and Oliver were two sides of the same anxiety coin and I loved them from the start until the final page.

Luc, a hectic mess of a man, is in need of an image change. The estranged son of a famous singer, he's had a hard go in the papers recently and it's starting to affect his image at work. Which is where posh and proper Oliver comes in. He is also in need of a date for an upcoming function and the two of them agree to enter into a fake relationship for the sake of appearances.

Boyfriend Material is a story about personal growth, acceptance, friendship, and loving one's flaws as well as their strengths.