Bringing Down the Duke Review

Bringing Down the Duke (The League of Extraordinary Women #1)

By Evie Dunmore

Originally Published September 3rd, 2019

Dual POV, Third Person

Really offbeat story, but I recently restarted my Book of the Month membership for the singular purpose of purchasing a copy of The Secret History. That is one of my all time favorite books, and I want every different edition I can get my hands on. While I was scrolling through other selections BOTM had to add to my box, I read the synopsis for Bringing Down the Duke and was instantly intrigued.

Now, here I sit writing this, imploring you to read this delightful book. Set in Oxford in 1879 during the uprise of the Suffragist movement, Bringing Down the Duke is a book I enjoyed like I would a cream puff. Decadent, but fun and so very indulgent. Rife with historical providence and complete with a cast of characters you will want to be friends with, it's smart and so easy to enjoy. It reads like a fun and witty Rom-Com, but with the heart and feel of a true Historical Romance. Anyone who has a love for names such as Pride and Prejudice or Bridgerton will adore this book.

Not precisely enemies to lovers, but, sort of, yes, exactly that! Ambitious spinster Annabelle is put up against the brilliant and intimidating Duke, Sebastian Devereux, in an impossible mission to convince him to support the Suffragettes. They clash immediately upon a chance meeting, and continue to battle it out as the book progresses ... until, both begin to realize their feelings may be as far from dislike as you can get.

The perfect set up for what is promising to be a sensual and whip-smart series full of friendship, hope, and love. I can not wait to get back to this world and characters Evie Dunmore has written.