Burn For Me Review

Burn For Me (Hidden Legacy #1)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published October 28th, 2014

Single POV, First Person

Oh boy. Another Ilona Andrews series for me to obsess over!

A new Urban Fantasy world full of arcane magic and power. I live in New Braunfels, Texas, and this series is set in Houston, Texas. It’s almost surreal hearing street names I’ve been on or places I’ve visited. It gives me a wholly immersive experience while reading. But, I digress.

Burn For Me is the first in a classic IA series full of action, superb world-building, fantastic characters, and an intriguing plot that hooks you and keeps you enthralled until the very last word in the epilogue.

Nevada Baylor is a small-time PI forced to hunt down a dangerous Prime (an elite magic-user) that is rampaging through Houston with his pyrokinetic powers. If she fails, she and her family will be destitute. If she succeeds, it could mean that she would have to use the power she’s kept secret, revealing herself to the powerful Prime families that would either seek to use her or kill her.

Connor ‘Mad’ Rogan is one of the most feared Primes. Beyond powerful and without mercy, Nevada has no choice but to work with him to bring down the pyromaniac. But an even bigger storm waits on the horizon, something much much worse is rising in Houston and Burn for Me is only the beginning.

Nevada and Connor are a formidable duo and I can’t wait to see where the story takes them in future books. Of course, there is romance! Slow burn and angsty; one of the things I love most about Andrews is their ability to have their books set in realistic time frames. The romance always develops over a decent period of time--or at least the books are so well written it feels like it's long enough for the MCs to develop healthy, strong, feelings for each other. The characters actually age, I'm talking months, even years, span across Ilona Andrews' series. The romance in this book, while the attraction is obvious and the endgame is set, there is still so much character development set up that needs to happen for the romance to be believable in the end, to be a step up from the lust-at-first-sight we see so much in books who rush into it for the sake of smut-appeal.

Burn For Me was excellently balanced with its unique world-building, arcane magic system, slow-burn romance, and character building of a diverse cast. Any fan of Urban Fantasy will enjoy this series to the fullest!