Catch Up!

Hello! I know it's been a while since I've done any blogging or been really active on Instagram. It has been a crazy crazy couple of months for me so I thought, instead of posting a bunch of posts to make up for the weeks I missed, I'd just do a post about what's been going on in my life and then start back up with posting weekly from here on out again!

Firstly, I'm moving! After living in Texas Hill Country for 15 years, I'm moving to the Dallas area which is really just a stepping stone to get to where I want to be--Seattle or East Coast. But that's years away and a lot of things need to happen before I make a cross-country move. But it is in the works and I am so very excited to make such a massive change in my life. It's been super hectic trying to put everything in order, especially with the way the US is kind of, literally, on fire. But this will be me in about three weeks...

Secondly, I've been massively busy helping my city's local judges coordinate voting stations for Nov. 3rd. Confession: I have never voted before. I am 27 and never voted. But this year, I knew it was time to do so. Our country is at a pivotal moment in its history and already early voting has hit record numbers. Please, vote!

This next thing I will probably get some flack for, which, honestly, I gave myself flack for going through with it, but... I finally made a trip up to Seattle. I'd never been and have always had a romantic idea of the city in my head from all the reading I do. I've always thought about moving there and I knew I needed to visit before I committed to that plan. So, I did it. I went with a friend and we were as safe as anyone could possibly be. Masks always, constant hand sanitizer and washing, reservations at every place we went to and 100% respecting of social distancing in public. Except on the plane--my god, I had the worst flight experience I've ever had. I'm not going to go into detail, but I highly recommend NOT using American Airlines ever again. The only reason I used them in the first place was because, in order to visit my brother, the closest airport to him only has two flights in a day and yep, you guessed it, only American. So I have a bunch of miles with them and now I plan on using them all up and canceling my membership with a big FU.

Anyways, Seattle was gorgeous and the weather was PERFECT and I did have a lot of fun in the end. I could totally see myself moving there. Here's a short video if you wish to see what all I did. Yes, that is a song from Twilight. Yes, I edited it on my TikTok app because I was lazy!

Lastly, NaNoWriMo has officially begun today! I am going to do a separate post about that though, because it's its whole other thing.

Cheers everyone!

Stay brutal.