Childhood Books

My parents are selling and moving out of the house I grew up in. It's super weird and kind of upsetting, but I also don't think I mind all that much. My dad is finally retiring and apparently has grand plans to live on a lake so he can fish all day and not have to talk to people. I feel that, I respect that. The problem with all of this is the fact that I still have so much stuff I left behind in that house when I moved out to go and be an official adult. Most of which are books, of course. And most of those books are my children's' books I didn't have room for in my apartment.

I've been going through them, deciding which ones I want to keep in storage until I move into a house and can realize my dream of having a library, and which ones will be leaving with my parents. It's super nostalgic. I've always been an avid reader, but I think I sped through books when I was younger more than I ever realized as an adult, simply because they were so easy to read.

The Magic Treehouse was a favorite of mine and I still remember some of the plots to this day. I also read the quick little chapter books of Scooby Doo Beginner Mysteries. My brother and I had to take an hour every day during the summer to read and I always chose Scooby Doo those summers we had forced reading time.

It's strange, I will read all on my own a whole bunch, but force me to read and my brain refuses to enjoy it. Required reading in school was hard for me to do too. Sure, I would have probably read Jane Eyre on my own anyway, but make it required reading and I hated reading it.

Long story short, goodbye childhood home, hello nostalgic memories of kids' books. I'm seriously considering rereading all of these little chapter books, I don't think that would be weird for me to do now as a 27-year-old! Hell, I still like to reread Artemis Fowl and Series of Unfortunate Events all the time, and those are middle grades. I sometimes see a lot of trash-talking online about adults reading books marketed to a younger age, I think this is ridiculous. Most of what I read and write is YA. Reading is reading. Read what you love and what you connect to. Write about what you would want to read. Besides, books that have a nostalic value to them always hit differently, and I could use some pure childish happiness at this stressful time in the world.