Clean Sweep Review

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #1)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published November 13th, 2015

Single POV, First Person

In the continuation of the Ilona Andrews takeover on my reading list, I tackled the first in their Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy series Innkeeper Chronicles. I know a lot of you raved about this one and say it is your favorite, but . . . this just didn't hit the spot for me. I guess I should also say that while I do love some Sci-Fi books, Sci-Fi really isn't a favorite genre of mine. That being said, Clean Sweep is also very Urban Fantasy so the Sci-Fi elements really should have only expanded the story more. Instead, I just felt that this one was . . . slow, surface level in development of the world and the characters. But, it by far was not bad. In fact, I would say it was rather very good! It just isn't my favorite IA book.

Other than the short story collection of their Kinsmen stories, this is Ilona Andrews’ take on the Sci-Fi genre. Clean Sweep was a shorter book, but it does its job and sets the reader on a fantastical path full of thrilling action, familiar magic, and the unknown of space. A blend of Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi equals a fun read—werewolves and space vampires? Awesome. A solid book, just not my jam.

Now's the time you guys to message me and tell me this series is worth continuing if I wasn't really vibing with this book!