Consent Review

Consent (The Loan Shark Duet #2)

By Charmaine Pauls

Originally Published November 14th, 2017

Dual POV, First Person


This book was the only thing I had going for me during the snowstorm in Texas that had me with no power for hours at a time. Mafia Romance is one of my favorite genres and I did enjoy the dubiousness of book one, so I was glad I'd downloaded Consent before all the crazy electricity stuff started.

In Dubious, book one, we met the deadly loan shark Gabriel, and sweet, desperate Valentina. Their start was rocky and dubious and dark, only to end in a twisty cliffhanger.

Without giving too much away, Valentina is on the run with her brother at the start of Consent, but Gabriel finds her. He drags her back and forces her to accept her new situation in life, of being his--forever. He will never let her go, and she may even be okay with that if he were capable of love instead of ownership. That's how Valentina feels and her situation eats at her more than ever. This book does have a HEA, so Gabriel does some major growing, reflecting, and confessing. A lot of things are revealed and discovered in this one, and I will wholeheartedly admit Consent took a sharp turn in the middle book that I didn't see coming. What would normally be the end in a Mafia Romance became the turning point in this book, creating a new hill for Valentina to trudge up, to overcome. The ending was surprising, a little bitty bit farfetched, and kind of random, but it was so different to most MR that I found it refreshing and fitting for this dark and sensual duology.