Crow Review

Crow (Boston Underground #1)

By A. Zavarelli

Originally Published February 8th, 2016

Dual POV, First Person

We all know I am an absolute sucker for a good Mafia Romance. Unfortunately, for every five I attempt to read, I only find one real gem. The Boston Underground series by A. Zavarelli is a virtual mine of treasure. Five books, each hold their own in different ways--though I find the first three to be the strongest. Crow takes the spotlight now as the first in the series. I've reread this one so many times but for some reason never got around to writing a review. Not sure why. So, here I go!

Crow follows the story of two individuals, Mack and Lachlan. Lachlan is apart of the Irish Mob in Boston. Mack is a foster kid now grown into a street-smart, boxing badass, woman set on finding her missing friend, which leads her right to Lachlan's door ...

Manipulating and lying her way into receiving a job at the Irish Mob-owned club Sláinte, Mack begins her snooping to find out the truth about what happened to her missing friend whose last weeks were spent working at the same club.

Lachlan doesn't trust Mack, but he has bigger things to worry about. War is close to breaking out between local mafias and after the recent loss of someone close to him, he's taken on a lot more responsibility in the outfit. Still, he can't deny being drawn to the liar dancing in his club.

On a collision course, Mack and Lachlan ultimately learn that whatever happened to her friend is part of a much bigger problem in the mafia underground of Boston. Full of tension, angst, action, and, of course, hot-and-heavy scenes, Crow is a thrilling, sexy read that any fan of Mafia Romance will devour. And, even better, the entire series is published, so you can binge it all without waiting! Each book in the series is a standalone, but I highly recommend reading in order as the stories and characters are connected.