Devil May Care Review

Devil May Care (Boys of Preston Prep #1)

By Angel Lawson & Samantha Rue

Originally Published June 13th, 2020

Dual POV, First Person

It is no secret of mine that one of my favorite niche romance genres is Bully Romances. The angst and tension are simply on another level in BR books. Probably because it could be argued that the romance is toxic, but, hey, I can have my (non)guilty pleasures, thank you very much. And so can you. There's another conversation to be had about how often I see shaming within the book community nowadays, about what people like and don't like. Alas, I'm here to talk about this book, but please keep in mind that just because you don't get anything out of a book, that makes it an OPINION.

Devil May Care is book one in a new BR series set at a prep school. Of course, it follows the proper BR tropes: "different" girl is bullied by the rich popular boy(s). She fights back, he falls for her, and crazy romps ensue.

Devil May Care was a thick read with actual substance to all the characters and the world at Preston Prep. At 366 pages, it's a pretty average length for this genre. BR books tend to always be self-published since publishing houses are still stuck in the middle-ages about what constitutes publishable work. (This is yet another conversation that could be had about the lack of not only diverse authors and characters within the main-stream publishing circles but also the diversity in genre.) Anyways, the book was engaging, full of tension, bickering, and tackles a few really heavy societal issues.

This one doesn't get a trigger warning for dubious consent, it was all pretty willing 100% of the time on both sides. But I will warn you that there are some tough moments of prejudice and hate against some characters that some might be upset by, especially if you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. But, everyone gets what's coming to them in the end and the book actually wraps up with a rare kind of resolution you don't see too often in this genre.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one and am looking forward to the rest of the series. I usually expect four books in BR series', so finger's crossed I get that this time too!