Diamond in the Rough Review

Diamond in the Rough (Diamond #1)

By Skye Warren

Originally Published July 7th, 2020

Dual POV, First Person

I have been a longtime fan of Skye Warren and her Dark Romance books. Her Endgame Trilogy and Masterpiece Duet series' are at the top of my Dark Romance list and I recommend them all the time to people. Her writing is clear, sensual, with a dark edge that sizzles with every page. And, the best thing, all of her books are pretty much in the same world. This means we get cameos and a sense of familiarity with each new book that she writes, even with introductions of new characters.

The Diamond series is centered around the next North brother to get his own story. Elijah is next up to the batting plate. With a tortured past key to any Warren alpha man, his story starts years before the main plot in this book, as a young man, in the inclusion of "prequel" chapters at the start of the book.

The second POV we get, Elijah's love interest, is Holly. Like Elijah, we meet her as a young girl in the prequel chapters. This is where their story begins, their lives entwined and headed to a dark obsessive love years later as adults.

The actual book, after the prequel chapters, heads quickly towards disaster when Holly is kidnapped and held in a cell where Elijah is also imprisoned. Thus begins a sick and sensual game between Elijah, Holly, and their captor, and she has no idea who to trust.

It's a captive romance, sort of. The book's pacing was a bit shaky, the timeline wonky and I now find myself deciding that the prequel chapters were my favorite in the book. Warren's books are quick, easy reads, spicy, and full of danger. Diamond in the Rough was no exception and had everything I expected from Warren. However, I still am not sold on Elijah and Holly's affections. Reading their alternating POVs made me feel like I was trying to line up two puzzle pieces I knew went together, but I didn't have the sides lined up right. I have absolutely no doubt that in the future books in this trilogy Warren will banish any kind of insincerity or disbelief I have in these twos' story. Elijah and Holy have a long road ahead of them.