Famine Review

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Famine (The Four Horseman #3)

By Laura Thalassa

Originally Published October 1st, 2020

Multi POV (mainly just one character), First Person

This is book three in a series, to see my review of book two click here!

The Horseman series is four books (only two currently out ATM) following the different women that become entangled with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. It's modern times, but it's the end times, and the only thing that will stop humanity's utter destruction are the women that stop the Horsemen. In book one we saw Pestilence, in book two we tackled War, now comes Famine.

I was pretty stoked for Famine to join the apocalypse. The teaser at the end of War was so delightful, and by that, I mean dangerous and spine-tingling.

A little shorter than War, Famine felt as if it were actually longer. I wouldn't say the book drags, but a lot happens and it just keeps going. I love long books or books that seem long because I usually hate to leave the world of the books I read. With Famine, I liked a great deal of it; the beginning is savage, horrific, darker than anything we've seen from the horsemen so far. Famine is here to finish the job and he is making quick, bloody work of it. There were some scenes that are really going to stick with me throughout the book, particularly moments where we see the true hatred of humanity that Famine has, and why. While there were a few parts of the book that I felt could have used more explanation or context, I feel that, like War, I am going to flounder back and forth between 3 and 4 stars every time I reread this series. It wasn't my favorite book in the series, but Famine himself might be my favorite Horseman yet, though I do believe Death could easily take the trophy in his book.

Mentioning Death brings me to my next point in this review. The end was crazy, like: jump up and down and read it four times to make sure you understood what the hell Thalassa just did crazy. I can't tell you how much I adore Laura and her books. Every series I've read from her is always so enjoyable, edgy, erotic, violent, and just so damn entertaining. The Horsemen quartet is the first series I've read that wasn't completely out yet (I've only discovered Thalassa three or so years ago) and while I am impatient and hate waiting (hypocritical, I know, as a writer) it has been such an amazing time reading these books as they release. To say I will be sad when Death finally comes out is an understatement, but I can't wait to see what she writes next.

If you've read the other Horsemen books, then you already know, but if you haven't then be warned this series id DARK Paranormal Romance. If you are squeamish or like sweet men and docile women and perfectly vanilla relationships, this series is not for you (which is perfectly fine, but you've been warned!).

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