Fate's Edge Review

Fate's Edge (The Edge #3)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published November 29th, 2011

Multi POV, Third Person

This is the third in a series, to read the review of book two click here!

I’ve been looking forward to Kaldar Mar’s book in this fabulous Edge series since he first bet a kid for a rock in Bayou Moon. While at times Fate’s Edge felt a little clumsy, unrealistic even, I still very much liked it. While Audrey and Kaldar’s relationship felt less fluid than other relationships in this series, I can’t deny that I still love them as a couple. Their constant bickering and thieving shenanigans had me smiling and laughing. We also meet a new and terrifying villain, one as ruthless as this dangerous world requires.

The scenes in the Broken (our world) felt flat, but once Kaldar and Audrey ended up in the Edge or the Weird (magical world), all seemed right again. Maybe I just didn’t care for the mundane of our magicless world, but I enjoyed the second part of this book more than the first. We also got a lot of interactions with other characters from the past books, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m sad only one more book remains, but I’m also excited to see how everything wraps up!