Ghost Review

Ghost (Boston Underworld #3)

By A. Zavarelli

Originally Published August 25th, 2016

Dual POV, First Person

The thing I love most about the Boston Underworld series is that each Mafia Romance book has its own individually popular trope that it plays upon.

Crow: Girl infiltrates

Reaper: Girl sees a crime

Ghost: Girl was sold as a slave

Saint: Girl wants revenge

Thief: Girl is taken as collateral

Connor: Marriage of convenience

We've all read romances with a bunch of these tropes and it makes for a series that isn't the same thing over and over again with each book.

Ghost features yet another dark plot, a girl has been rescued by a mafia man as a favor. But recovering from the kind of horrid existence she was forced to live as a sex slave for months proves something that may not be achievable. This book is difficult to stomach at parts, and at others so darn emotional that you never really give up hope for that HEA. The two MCs are both broken and hurting and it takes a rocky start and a wobbling stretch of road until they are able to truly heal and find solace in one another. And I think that's why those of us who enjoy darker romances do so. It's the redemption, the healing. Not only the tension between the two love interests but the way they are able to find and create something beautiful together when the world is so dark. I know that sounds dramatic, but I always feel such joy when things finally work out in the end with these kinds of books that, for so many chapters, are so bleak!

Major TW: Rape, violence, torture.