Hidden Legacy Book Playlist

I know a lot of you really enjoyed my Book Playlists I would make on the old Tumblr blog. In fact, I do believe that was how I gained so many followers there. I'm sorry I haven't done any since switching to my site's blog. But, the wait is over. My first Book Playlist is inspired by my current favorite book couple, Catalina Baylor and Alessandro Sagredo. It's an angsty playlist, representative of their tenuous, second-chance-love, as well as some little easter-egg lyrics that hint at the happenings in Sapphire Flames and Emerald Blaze!

Instead of linking the songs to YouTube videos as I did before, I created an account on Eight Tracks, an app I've used for years to find writing playlists. It's free to listen, there are just little commercials every couple of songs, sorta like Pandora used to be (damn, I feel old). But, I am also going to start putting these book playlists on my Spotify! So, those of you who use Spotify or don't, have the opportunity to listen.


P.S. I am still not over Emerald Blaze, but I swear a review is coming soon!



(You DO NOT have to have an account to listen below, but you can only skip a song three times in an hour and there might be a couple short adds every few songs like I mentioned up above.)