How To Love A Duke In Ten Days Review

How To Love A Duke In Ten Days (Devil You Know #1)

By Kerrigan Byrne

Originally Published August 27th, 2019

Dual POV, Third Person

I will never get over the dramatic covers that mass-market Historical Romance books have. How do I get invited to one of these photoshoots, not to be in it, I just want to watch the show!

Anyways, How To Love A Duke In Ten Days was a surprisingly dark, exciting, and original Historical Romance that might just push Kerrigan Byrne to my top HR authors.

When an opportunity comes about for Lady Alexandra to marry a Duke, she takes it for one singular reason: to have the means to end the blackmail that has plagued her since she was 17. Since the night that ended in blood and a buried body and secrets whispered in the night. But someone saw what she did and they've collected payment ever since. Now, her coffers have run dry, but marriage to a rich Duke affords protection and a large enough sum to sate the blackmailer for good. Even if he is a scarred, and rumored beast of a man.

Only, a marriage that she expected to be one only made for convenience quickly turns into something else, something tense and sensual in a way she swore to never allow herself to feel, and her new husband, the man called the Terror of Torcliff, is responsible.

This book doesn't follow the same patterns as most HR romance does, but it still reads familiar if you are an avid HR reader. The relationship between the Duke and Alex is one full of twists and turns, danger and intrigue, and ultimately one of immense healing of soul-deep scars they both carry. There is also a strong theme of friendship and loyalty between Alex and her two closest friends, each with their own dark secrets that I am thrilled to explore in the following books in this dark and salacious series.

TW: Rape, violence, assault.