Ilona Andrews Quarantine Takeover

I am finally giving in. I am going to read Ilona Andrews other series beside just Kate Daniels. You all have told me I will love them just as much and I have faith in you guys, and in IA. If you would like to read along with me please do so! I don't have much to do during quarantine so I plan on blowing through this reading list and will probably be doing audiobooks too.

I know some of you have exprssed concerns with my switching to this blog and closing my tumblr, but this is honestly so much easier and less stressful for me to handle than the constant notifications and hassle tumblr was for me. If you are looking for a specific post from my tumblr, just message me through my site or my Instagram like usual and I will send it to you, I saved all the RSS feed of all my tumblr posts.

Anywaaaaays... back to Ilona Andrews. Here is the reading order I've chosen:

  1. Kate Daniels (we already reread this series in a buddy readalong on instagram back in April, if you would like the reading list that includes every short story and novella and author extra, let me know!)

  2. The Edge (number two because this series is completed so hopefully no book hangover!)

  3. Hidden Legacy

  4. Kinsmen Universe Collection

  5. Innkeeper Chonicles

I'll be starting tomorrow on book one of The Edge!