Kissing the Coronavirus Review

Kissing the Coronavirus (Kissing the Coronavirus #1)

By M.J. Edwards

Originally Published April 22, 2020

Single POV, First Person

It's a joke, I can now firmly (no pun intended as I write this about a salacious romp with a physical embodiment of a VIRUS) say this 16 page e-book was A JOKE. That being said, it was awful, mind-blowingly horrendous. I laughed so hard, read it aloud with a friend and we were on the floor laughing. Which, again, was the whole point.

I'm not going to explain the plot, it's just sex with a virus man thing. That's it.

I'm kind of mad that this picture of the cover is taking up space on my server.

What I will leave you with is this gem:

"Alexa's clitoris floundered"


The author states that she just needed money while in quarantine, and I think she got it thanks to the ludicrousness of this novella sweeping the nation. God speed.