This week I was only able to listen to Audiobooks, my schedule has been all over the place. I'm getting ready to move in August and it's going to be a costly and exhausting experience that I am NOT looking forward to. What I am excited about, is having my books back. My poor babies have been in boxes for almost a full year and I have been going slowly crazy.

For those that don't know, I've been planning to move to Dallas for a long while now. Unfortunately, the year I had planned to do so, COVID hit ON MY BIRTHDAY and sent all my plans (and my writing spiraling). I decided to simply push back my plans, thinking and being told COVID wouldn't last long, again and again. By the time September 2020 rolled around, I decided not to resign my apartment lease and to instead put everything in storage and stay with my parents. They are both retiring this year and are moving to Tennessee, so I helped them get the house ready to sell and then packed up once it had. All the while, I've basically lived out of two suitcases. It's been dreadful. My parents sold the childhood home, have moved, and I am now living with my godparents in these few limbo months before I officially move to Dallas in August.

Everyone was affected by COVID, I know that, but not having my own place and access to my books has hit my mental health like a shotgun blast. Writing is slow-going, and there have been so many times that I've wanted to just give it up and never write another word. Seeing messages and posts and reviews from you readers have kept me going, however, and I can't thank you all enough for your patience and support. THOAC 2 is coming, and I even have some super exciting announcements coming up within the next month or so.

Once I get my own place again, I can start posting regularly on my social media. I haven't been able to pot daily on Insta or TikTok because of not having my books in order to make content. The algorithms have forgotten about me, but I know once I get back to it things will perk up on social media as well as in my head!

Anyway, the two audiobooks I listened to this week were rereads of Famine by Laura Thalassa and Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore. I originally read Famine and gave it three stars, but after this reread I bumped it to four and I honestly don't remember why I was originally disappointed. Bringing Down The Duke is still a five-star read for me and has maintained its spot as my favorite read of 2021 so far. Click the images to see my reviews!