My Audiobook Organization Obsession

My friend is rereading the Harry Potter series and has reached Order of the Phoenix. Like so many others, she is already dreading the read. I personally love OOTP, but I am well aware that it is a tedious, slow read. I actually refer to OOTP when talking about the certain book in other series that serve as a pivotal point to set up for the rest of the books, the ending of said series. OOTP is a set-up book, the one that Rowling put the most effort into (in my opinion) for the rest of the series, the epic ending, and explanation for other things only mentioned in passing in previous books. OOTP is also (again, in my opinion) the darkest in the series. So it has a lot to offer, but, still, it is a long read, and my friend isn't looking forward to it.

I offered to read it with her. It's been a while since I've done a series read and I adore the audiobooks. So I've been catching up to her, listening to Jim Dale's amazing performance. But, it's been so long since I've done so, I am having to reupload the Audiobook CDs to my computer, which is a very very tedious thing for me. Let me show you why:

When you upload an Audiobook from a CD, you get a whole bunch of short tracks for each chapter, instead of one track per chapter. Which looks like:

Or, even worse, you get a bunch of tracks per chapter that are titled based off the first line on the track. This is maddening, who thought this was okay?

So, what I do is tedious, but ultimately far more organized. I rip the tracks from the CDs and then open the folder they have been saved to on my computer. Once I have that file open, I select all the tracks in one chapter at a time, and add them to an application that will turn all the separate tracks into one single track. It's a free website and super easy, click here if you're curious. You just have to be sure to turn off the crossfade option for each track, otherwise the tracks audio will overlap since it's spoken word. Once it's melded all the tracks into one, I download it and then upload that file into iTunes.

Next (or I guess technically first, since I like to have these ready to go before combining tracks) I find the chapter art with a quick google, and crop each little artwork and save each as its own jpeg.

After uploading the single chapter track into iTunes, I right click and edit the tracks information. I change the media to Audiobook, update the title, chapter title, author, etc. And then, in the 'album art' tab, I upload the coinciding album art for each chapter. I do this over and over again until all tracks are combined and organized in iTunes, file edited, and artwork uploaded. Here's chapter one of HP and the COS:

Side Note: for the "introduction" track, which is always track one on any Audiobook that introduces the book and narrator, I make sure the 'album art' is the actual album art for the book. For instance, for HP and the COS Introduction track:

This is so it looks correct all lined up in my library, otherwise it would show chapter one's chapter art.

After it's all done, it looks like this:

It's much better looking and easier to keep track of where you left off while listening. It takes forever, but my OCD doesn't seem to care.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, I am very proud of my innovation with this!