NaNoWriMo 2020

Let's first start off by saying that 2020 has officially sucked, maybe not the worst year of my life, but it is probably a third, if not second. I know I'm not alone in the struggle that this year has caused, particularly for my mental health. Which, ultimately, affects my writing. I should have had a book published this year, but everything kind of fell apart. I'm not going to mope around and hash out all the reasons why THOAC's sequel isn't out yet as planned. In the end, I simply haven't been in the proper state of mind to take on the very great amount of stress that is publishing a book and because of that, I haven't been able to bring myself to finish the manuscript. I am sorry, I hate that it isn't done, that I haven't done all of the things I planned on doing for THOAC to begin with, but life has that funny way of constantly punching you when you're down. I am trying to claw my way up. I promise SOAB will be released in 2021, early 2021 if everything goes according to my new plans.

In the meantime, NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month has begun. If you are a writer, or aspiring to be one, or just like to mess around with words, NaNoWriMo is for you! I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you haven't there is all the information you need HERE! Basically, during the month of November, we pledge to write 50,ooo words. Now, typically you are supposed to start from scratch and so on, there is also a great community you can connect with while you are writing. It's a wonderful, fun, and engaging thing to do. I have friends who only write this one month a year, others who take the time to finish drafts they've had sitting uncomplete forever etc.

For me, this year I will be alternating (because I will need breaks from one draft and the other) between two projects, possibly three if I start to go stir crazy only focusing on those two. I don't commit to 50,000 words, I commit to an entire book usually. My average word count when I'm in a true writing mood is 5,000 a day, because I'm a maniac. I don't think I'll hit that average this month, too much going on, but I do fully plan on finishing a couple drafts this NaNoWriMo, no matter the word count.

Both are already started and YES one of them is SOAB, the sequel I definitely plan on finishing this month, if not then for sure before the year is up. As it stands, it's at 132,000 words and guys, it's only halfway done! This sucker is going to be loooonnngggg, my longest yet, probably. A beauty and the beast retelling I wrote a couple years ago is the longs manuscript I've written, 191,000. So we will see if THOAC's sequel surpasses that, which I think it will since this book is a monster and tries to kill me every time I try and write it.

The other is an adult Urban Fantasy vampire/witch/werewolf I have had in my head since I went to film school years ago. I actually wrote a movie script for one of my screenwriting classes based off this story and have decided to adapt it to a book series now. It's sitting pretty at 109,000 words right now. I plan on it being around 135,000.

The third possible project I may jump to is just a Mafia Romance I'm writing for absolute fun and don't plan on it ever seeing the light of day, ha ha!

Let me know if you plan on participating with NaNoWriMo. I already have a couple buddies for the month, but am always willing to add more to my hype list! I will be posting as much as I can on my Bookstagram, so like always, best way to communicate with me is there!

Happy writing and reading!