On The Edge Review

On The Edge (The Edge #1)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published September 29th, 2009

Multi POV, Third Person

Alright guys, you've all said I need to read more Ilona Andrews other than Kate Daniels. I've fought it, but now I really have no excuse why I shouldn't give their other books a go.

My main reason for never giving other IA books a try is rather simple, I didn't want to be disappointed. Kate Daniels is my favorite series of ALL TIME. I truly didn't believe it was possible for IA to write another perfect series. So, after last months annual reread of Kate Daniels and all your comments and emails about how I should just dive in . . . I decided to branch out and give Ilona Andrews’ other books a try. I chose The Edge series first since it’s completed with four books.

Well hot damn. I'm kicking myself for not giving in sooner! On The Edge started rough for me, it's third person and multi POV. I'm not used to that with Ilona Andrews' writing. But, I persevered and I. Loved. It!!

Firstly; the world building, as always with IA, is superb. Wholly unique yet still a taste of the familiar. On The Edge is a fantastic start to a new urban fantasy world I can’t wait to explore further.

Rose and Declan make for a formidable pair of MCs. While I loved them both, from their developing attraction to their strong wills, I also adored the side characters in this book. A rarity for me to actually enjoy reading a multi POV. I ate up every chapter, every characters’ POVs like candy. Every character plays such a critical role to the story and each and every character has their own path to take—I can’t wait to read more in this series! After I post this, I'm starting book two!