One Fell Sweep Review

One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #3)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published December 20th, 2016

Single POV, First Person

This is the third in a series, to read the review of book two click here!

A fantastic mix of sci-fi and urban fantasy once again! One Fell Sweep was engaging from chapter one till the very end. And that end... I’m nervous now, because I know the next book switches POV entirely. But, I have faith in Ilona Andrews to not let me down.

In One Fell Sweep Dina is busy busy busy. First she rescues her sister and young niece from a vampire penal colony. Then she agrees to help a strange guest in his quest to save his dying race. But doing so puts a target on Gertrude Hunt and assassins soon arrive to try and take on the innkeeper.

This series has not been my favorite so far by Ilona Andrews, however, each book has progressively gotten better and better. One Fell Sweep is fast and engaging. I've come to understand the main message and theme in this series is hope, and Dina does all she can to help her guests, even if it puts her in danger. The introduction of Maud, Dina's sister, creates a whole new world of possibilities for the series and we get even more moments between Dina and Sean. All in all, a fantastic and fun ride of a book.