Prisoner Review

Prisoner (Criminals & Captives #1)

By Skye Warren & Annika Martin

Originally Published October 22nd, 2014

Dual POV, First Person

Prisoner is a steamy and dark Captive Romance by Annika Martin and my favorite Dark Romance author Sky Warren. While #2 in the Criminals & Captives duology is my favorite, Prisoner is a book I find myself rereading a couple of times a year due to its fast pace, spicy scenes, and tempestuous romance between the two MCs.

Abigail is a shy and troubled young woman tasked with a college project to create a portfolio with stories from prisoners at the local prison. She's not excited about the task and soon comes to fear completing it when a certain inmate makes her feel things she shouldn't.

Grayson is serving time for a crime he didn't commit but definitely plans to once he escapes. Abigail offers a perfect opportunity to do just that and he takes full advantage of the innocent woman, only to find a soft vulnerability he desperately wants to protect.

This book has some very dark threads of plot and character development. TW: rape, abuse, kidnapping, violence, self-mutilation, drugged. If you are a Dark Romance fan, I recommend anything by Skye Warren, but if you are just stepping into the DR pond, I'd recommend trying her other series, such as The Pawn, before taking on this duology.