Private Property Review

Private Property (Rochester Trilogy #1)

By Skye Warren

Originally Published March 5th, 2021

Single POV, First Person

I say it every time I review one of her books or write a blog post about the Dark Romance genre, but Skye Warren remains my favorite Dark Romance author. I say that knowing full well I don't love every one of her books, but her writing always draws me in and envelopes me in a kind of velvet darkness only her style of writing has ever accomplished. Private Property is a modern retelling of the gothic classic Jane Eyre. This book is quick and sensual, forbidden with a thread of mystery and darkness woven throughout pages dripping with brine and saltwater. I devoured it in only a few hours, in one sitting, and eagerly await book two!

Set in a rainy east coast town, in a dark mansion built on the cliffs overlooking an unforgiving sea, a woman with no more options in life arrives to be the new nanny for the orphaned niece of a brooding and imposing bachelor. Her arrival begins with a rocky greeting and things only intensify and twist from there on out. The mysteries of the mansion and the past of the enigmatic man who walks its halls grow with every chapter, begging to be uncovered. And the attraction between the new nanny and her employer threatens to haunt them both in the end.

There is a cliffhanger, you have been warned!