Sapphire Flames Review

Sapphire Flames (Hidden Legacy #4)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published August 27th, 2019

Single POV, First Person

This is the fourth in a series, to read the review of the novella before it click here!

I do believe I have a new book husband <3. Alessandro is just too perfect!

Switching POV’s in the middle of a series can be risky for an author, but Ilona Andrews does it flawlessly in Sapphire Flames, book four in the Hidden Legacy series.

I’ve devoured these books like a starving woman and now relisten to the series on audiobook on the regular. The world-building is nothing short of fantastic, the characters diverse, relatable, and perfectly flawed. There are never any cookie-cutter characters in Ilona Andrews’ books and I stand by my hailing the husband/wife writing duo as my favorite authors.

We leave Nevada to her marital bliss and in SF Catalina Baylor takes the lead. It's three years after Wildfire ended and she is now the head of her Prime house after her sister married. Her power, something she was taught to hide all her life, is now her strongest asset in a world that would see her used as a pawn, or killed outright.

When she takes on a new client, promising to do all she can in finding the woman's mother’s killer, Catalina stumbles upon a dark and terrible conspiracy she might not be ready to take on. Enter Alessandro. A powerful Prime from her past that promises to help in her investigation, but even he has his own motives and secrets for doing so. She can't trust him, but she desperately wants to.

I immensely enjoyed reading the continuation of the Baylor family’s story through new eyes. The transition was smooth and, as I said before, flawless. Catalina and Alessandro have a rocky road ahead of them and I’m ready for the twists and turns promised in the next books! Ilona Andrews remains the regents of Adult Urban Fantasy in my book!