Secret Beast Review

Secret Beast (Beauty and the Beast #1)

By Amelia Wilde

Originally Published February 23rd, 2021

Dual POV, First Person

It's funny, because, as a child I wasn't a fan of Beauty and the Beast. I think I knew there was something off about the story, something taboo even at a young age. But now, as an adult, I am all about it--especially retellings.

I've read a few things by Amelia Wilde and I will admit that I go into her books with so much suspension of belief that she could introduce aliens and I'd accept it, because it's an Amelia Wilde book and you just have to go with it.

Her books are always dark, edgy, taboo. Or at least the ones I've read are. Its two main characters are polar opposites. Leo, the scarred, dark, and dangerous man. And Haley, the innocent, desperate, and sweet young woman.

Leo wants revenge on Haley's family and she offers herself to save her father. Leo owns her and is free to use her as sees fit for thirty days, and use her he does. Haley turns out to be a natural submissive and, ultimately, each of them becomes desperate for what the other offers. Haley needs Leo's shamelessness, and Leo needs Haley's inherent goodness.

The book moves quickly, is smutty, and is the first in a trilogy. Wilde's series could always actually be one book, but the short installments make for quick reads and easy binges during rainy days.