Spotless Review

Spotless (Spotless #1)

By Camilla Monk

Originally Published May 19th, 2016

Singular POV, First Person

Stop what you are doing. Grab your kindle or nook or phone or tablet. Let me introduce you to your newest binge read, the Spotless series. A perfect blend of contemporary romance, high-stakes action, quirk, and bloody good humor, the Spotless series has bumped its way up to my all-time favorite series list.

Spotless is centered around nerdy 24-year-old Island Chaptal. She's brilliant and unflinching and I absolutely adore her. After getting off work from her job at a tech company, she arrives home only to discover her place clean and tidy--spotless, you might say. As well as a very attractive and dangerous-looking intruder. March, the suit-clad, murder gloves on, man wastes no time in telling her that he's an assassin and is there to kill her--unless she tells him where the diamond is.

Not even having time to wrap her mind around the fact that March literally cleaned her apartment, she quickly explains she has no diamond. Yeah, Island has no idea what he's talking about and before she knows it, she's wrapped up in the middle of a crazy plot involving secret criminal outfits, OCD assassins, a 2 billion dollar stolen diamond, and the truth behind the car wreck that killed her mother years ago. All the while, the enigmatic March draws her in as no other man has before--too bad he's a killer and is keeping secrets from Island that she may never be able to forgive.

When I tell you I laughed, squealed, blushed--I mean it. This book was fast-paced, action-packed, and so utterly charming. Island and March traverse multiple countries in their hunt for the missing diamond and the details Monk provides makes it all the more immersive. The humor is outstanding, the banter fantastic, and--probably one of the best things about the book--each chapter starts with a fake "quote" from a romance book. Fake, in that Monk made them up, but they are ridiculous and silly enough to possibly actually be real. If you know, you know--especially if you read a lot of romance.

Speaking of romance. It's slow-burn, people! In the best ways! The characters have a lot to figure out and a lot of room to grow before they dive in all hot and heavy, and I am living for the tension. I also related a whole lot to Island and March. Island is a nerd, but she's witty and ingenious and I have always strived to be her brand of awesome. March is a smooth, deadly assassin, well known throughout the criminal underworld. He also has severe OCD and it was charming and pulled at my heartstrings to read about his ticks and vulnerabilities.

For a Contemporary Romance, I'd never read such a book. Honestly, I don't even know what genre to appropriately describe it. Adventure Romance? Mystery Romance? I'm not sure, but I do know I love it and think any fan of Indiana Jones, Mr. Right (on Netflix), Knight and Day, or any kind of fresh and quirky Contemporary Romance will too.

Warning: While the book is very lighthearted, there are a few dark moments throughout. It's about assassins, after all, and not all of them follow the same code the fastidious March does.