Starry Eyes Review

Starry Eyes

By Jenn Bennett

Originally Published April 3rd, 2018

Single POV, First Person

Jenn Bennett has easily become one of my new favorite authors. After Alex, Approximately I tried not to expect such a perfect read with Starry Eyes, but, it would seem my worry was for nothing. Starry Eyes was as fantastic as AA and I loved it equally, for all manner of different reasons and that is a unique thing to find in a Contemporary Romance author. It's a wonderful thing to find an author that isn't a one-hit-wonder!

Starry Eyes boasts two wildly polar characters that fit together in the best of ways--in all the ways it counts. Lennon, a goth boy, and Zorie, a plaid-loving nerd of a girl, were once the best of friends. But, after experimenting with being something more, their relationship ends in flames. Now, a year later, the two of them find themselves stranded together on a disastrous camping trip and are forced to rely on one another to survive and to face the twisty end to their friendship.

This book is full of hilarious banter, so much angst and layered characters that are utterly relatable no matter who you are. I laughed, I swooned, I even got so perfectly frustrated with the problematic side characters because Bennett tackles things such as adultery, homophobia, bigotry, and prejudice in such a realistic way it had me fuming at times, in the best of ways.

I've already bought three more books by Jenn Bennett and have nothing but high hopes that I will enjoy them too.