Steel's Edge Review

Steel's Edge (The Edge #4)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published November 27th, 2012

Multi POV, Third Person

This is the fourth in a series, to read the review of book three click here!

I had no idea I wanted a book from Richard Mar’s POV, but damn, am I glad I got it.

Richard is on his quest to end the slave trade in this dangerous and cutthroat magical parallel world, and Charlotte is a woman hiding herself and her destructive power from the world she grew up in. Together they made a heartbreaking and heartwarming story, a bittersweet ending to this fantastic series.

Just like in the conclusion to the Kate Daniels series—I don’t feel that Ilona Andrews gave us a fully wrapped up conclusion to this series. I’m not sure all my questions were answered. I wish I had seen the aftermath of the end of it all, as in, how all the characters I’ve come to love in this series turned out in the end. I felt a bit robbed of that joy and it still felt a little open-ended to me. (A few of you reading along with me said George and Jack pop up in the next series on the list, so I'm looking forward to that!) I guess I’ll be crossing my fingers, hoping one day Ilona Andrews will revisit this world again!