Storm and Fury Review

Storm and Fury (The Harbinger #1)

By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Originally Published June 11th, 2019

Single POV, First Person

A group of us on Bookstagram are rereading JLA Warden books in anticipation of her latest book in the Harbinger Trilogy, Rage and Ruin! Rereading Storm and Fury was as fun as the first time, last year I was given an ARC of this book and my review remains the same today so I am going to repost that since I've reset my blog and that review was lost on here. Enjoy!

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s work is always so entertaining and immersive. Her books are quick and fun reads, and Storm and fury is no exception!

This is a spin-off (the first in a new trilogy) and while you don’t have to read the others first, after having finished reading this book I recommend you do. I wish I had—there are characters from the other books in this one and a lot of the plot for the others is spoiled by reading this one first.

Storm and Fury is a New Adult Urban Fantasy—you’ve got angels, demons, and gargoyles. Yes gargoyles, they keep the balance and kill demons. Then you have the nephilim. The half angel and half human. All the nephilim have been devoured by demons . . . save one—our heroine, Trinity.

Trinity has been kept safe and sound her whole life behind locked gates. Safe from the demons who would literally eat her. But one day strangers arrive at the compound she’s being kept at and a series of events throws her and a gargoyle “warden” together in a race for time to save someone she cares deeply for.

This is a very watered down synopsis, but I just don’t want to give anything away.

While Armentrout’s works can be considered cliché—characters and romance tropes—she always adds a little spin to these tropes that makes her writing unique and engaging instead of repetitive with her plots and world building. The plot to Storm and fury is straightforward with a few twists and turns throughout, making it a quick read that isn’t too heavy nor too light—a fine middle ground I always appreciate when I want to read something I know will hook me but not drown me in the feels. That’s not saying this book didn’t make me feel anything—there are some very lovely relationships, and heart wrenching chapters that really pulled at my heartstrings. Add on a brooding and complicated romance (sexy times too) and a sassy flawed heroine with a disability that doesn’t define her—what’s not to love?! I can’t wait for book two . . .

Thank you for this ARC Inkyard Press!