Sweep of the Blade Review

Sweep the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles #4)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published July 16th, 2019

Single POV, Third Person

This is the fourth in a series, to read the review of book three click here!

Well, all my worries were put to rest rather quickly. I now see why some of you said this one was your favorite in the series. Even with a POV change and interruption to the plot of the first three books, Sweep of the Blade was as fulfilling and entertaining a read as its predecessors.

While the first three books in the Innkeeper Chronicles were told from Dina’s POV, this book switched to her sister Maud. We also left behind earth and the inn and the driving plot of “where are my parents” to travel to a Vampire planet where Maud must decide if she’s willing to rejoin the deadly world of the vampires.

I can’t tell you which sister I liked more, both are fantastic women. I can say I liked the pace of this book more than the others. Sweep of the Blade felt more like the Ilona Andrews I had originally fallen in love with, action and intrigue and lore (even if it was alien lore and history, completely fictional but written so wonderfully it felt like something you may have studied in school).

This one ends with a minor cliffhanger, much like One Fell Sweep ended. I'm hoping the next book brings everyone back together for the Demille’s to finally learn what befell their parents.