Switching From Tumblr

Over the past weeks, since switching to this blog on my official site, I've gotten a slew of questions like this . . .

I've kind of talked about the switch in my other random posts over the weeks, but I guess I should go into detail as to why I switched over.

First, while I adore tumblr, I hate the interphase. I've never liked the algorithm either.

Second, I feel like tumblr is more for art, gif posting, mood boards, film. Blogging about books and doing book reviews and things--while there is a bookish side of tumblr--I never felt like my posts belonged. I only stayed as long as I did because of the review groups I had become a part of over the years, and you guys.

Thirdly, I pay for this website, it is stupid for me to not utilize it to the fullest and this makes it easier for me to have everything all in one place.

Yes, my Bookstagram will not be changing and that is still the best place to talk to me, though communication through this site is also very easy for me too!

As for transferring old content from my old tumblr to this blog, no I will not be doing that. It would take days and days. I've been on tumblr since high school (long long ago!). However, I may choose to repost random things if they pop up as relevant again. My giveaways will now only be on Bookstagram, and if you didn't already know I am now on TikTok doing book recs (TikTok might not be your thing, but I'm having a blast!)

As for those of you disappointed about the book playlists: the post is gone but the playlist on my spotify remains. You can still listen to the playlist through spotify! If there is a certain post you are wanting access to you can just shoot me a message and I will send it to you. I have saved the original RSS feed of all my posts on tumblr. But as for a mass copy, it won't be happening, sorry.

Quarantine was the best time to switch because I have nothing but time. Quarantine has also tossed my normal posting schedule to the wind. After the Ilona Andrews takeover, I was readign a book a day instead of one or two a week, so I was posting EVERY DAY. I am still kind of just doing what I want on here, but will probably be reverting back to the usual posting schedule:

  • 1st of the month Monthly Wrap Up

  • Book Reviews when I finish a book.

  • Series Wrap Up after a series is completed

  • Wednesday Bookish Post

  • Friday Weekly Book Recommendations

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Stay brutal, bookworms!