The Kinsmen Universe Collection Review

The Kinsmen Universe

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published 2008, 2009, 2011

Three Sci-Fi Short Stories

The Kinsmen collection is three short stories all set int he same universe.


This one was my favorite. A story of revenge and redemption, SB offered a entertaining and sensual read.


With Matrix vibes and a angsty romance that could end in death, SS was tense and heartwarming.


A strange and ridiculous romp in space, AMF was bizarre and funny a read.

While AMF was a bit strange, I thoroughly enjoyed Silent Blade and Silver Shark! After reading so much urban fantasy by Ilona Andrews, switching gears into Sci-Fi was at first daunting, but ultimately refreshing. All stories were fun and imaginative, sexy and intriguing.

Definitely worth a read!

Next up (and last) in the Ilona Andrews takeover is the Innkeeper Chronicles!

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