The Sorcerer's Stone Review

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1)

By J.K. Rowling

Originally Published June 26th, 1997

Single POV, Third Person


A friend of mine is doing a Harry Potter reread and I said I would join her. Harry Potter holds a very near and dear place in my heart due to the escapism I was able to achieve as a kid growing up in a not so happy childhood. I absolutely hate what Rowling has become, a beacon for intolerance, when she was once an author that brought me great joy and peace and shaped a lot of my happiness in my childhood. I do not support such base and cruel comments or ideals. It pains me to even say that the characters Rowling created would be ashamed of her too. While I do not condone what she has said and how she has hurt so many, and I will not and have not been supporting any of her work after the Deathly Hallows, I refuse to let her taint Hogwarts for me. I understand some might wish for me to literally burn my books (as I saw some people doing), I will not. However, I also do not wish to upset anyone, so I will keep my posting to a bare minimum and only post my reviews. I understand if you choose to skip these reads.


It's been many years since I've done a proper read-through of this series. It needs no quick rundown of the story, you know who Harry Potter is and what he does in each of these books. So I'll skip to my brief thoughts on the first installment in this benchmark Middle Grade series.

As a kid, or even a teen, a lot of the social paradigms and archetypes Rowling has included in this series escaped me. More so, I happily ignored all of the negative and questionable plot devices used while I was young. Not so now that I am 28, and my gosh, everyone KNOWS Harry is being abused at the Dursley's and no one does anything. Everyone KNOWS Snape is a horrid, emotionally abusive teacher and no one does anything. The more I read the more popped out at me as circumspect I never questioned growing up. This caused my reread to be a bit...lackluster. I wanted to say I loved this book as much as I remember, but there were so many things that bothered me. My four star rating sticks only for nostalgia and world building. The Wizarding World will forever be a magical and wondrous place to me, but, damn, I used to love Dumbledore and Snape! Now, I think I don't at all, which breaks my heart a little.