The Spanish Love Deception Review

The Spanish Love Deception

By Elena Armas

Originally Published February 23rd, 2021

Single POV, First Person

I heard about this one from a follower on Instagram and she had me at enemies-to-lovers-office-rivals romance. A woman is desperate to bring a plus one to her sister's wedding in Spain and the least likely person volunteers--her office nemesis. Hell-to-the-yes! I read it quickly and it was on Kindle Unlimited.

It's a hefty book, long for a Contemporary Romance, which can be a hit or miss. Some books simply shouldn't be over 300 pages, while others I wish had been. The Spanish Love Deception was a bit of both feelings. I liked both the MC and her love interest. But I think I was expecting a book in which the majority is set in Spain. In reality, I got a big chunk of the lead-up to the destination wedding, then a few chapters in Spain, and the aftermath. A lot of that lead-up felt a little slow, the plot an eventuality I was barely patient waiting to finally happen.

The romance between the two rivals was sweet, sometimes adorable, sometimes chaotic. They were constantly bouncing off each other and I ate up every interaction. I thought the cast was diverse and entertaining with a broad group of side characters. There were a few moments I wished to rip my hair out, mainly due to the accurate writing of toxic masculinity within the workplace, but also because of the way the love interest reacts to these situations. I myself have been told before "You've never needed someone else to fight your battles" in my place of work and it is the most maddening and heartbreaking thing that can be said at a time when a little support would have meant the world. So there were a few situations that I wrinkled my nose at, but ultimately let slide in favor of a hearty writing and an endearing cast overall.

This book is a true Contemporary Romance, it's easy and light to read, with moments of truly emotional pages. If you like romcoms such as The Hating Game or The Wall of Winnipeg, you'll love this book!