Thief Review

Thief (Boston Underworld #5)

By A. Zavarelli

Originally Published February 22nd, 2018

Dual POV, First Person

I have this list of favorite tropes in books that is always in the back of my mind. One of which, ESPECIALLY in Mafia Romance, is: ballerina MC. Ballerinas' lives are so rigorous and they are always so devoted to their craft. I guess, really, the trope I like is actually that: MC with a craft. Whether that be painting, racing cars, or swordplay; I just like really passionate people. Even in real life, listening to people talk about something they care about is so enjoyable for me, even if that something is as bland as basket weaving.

In Ghost, the female MC--Tanaka--is a ballerina. She also becomes collateral for her father's ill business decisions. Collateral to a certain Russian mobster we met in the earlier books in this series. Where I previously believed Nikolai to be softer than his horrid father, I shouldn't have taken that to heart in all other aspects of his character. He is as ruthless and strong-willed as any other mafia 'hero', and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his tumultuous relationship with his ballerina captive. Tanaka is a perfect blend of determined and willful, but with a feminine fragility that I actually found heartwarming. Mafia Romance is always about the give and take between the two love interests and there was a lot of giving and a lot of taking to be enjoyed in Ghost.

TW: Assault, violence, abuse, eating disorders, forced medical procedures, torture.