The Changeling Saga Updates

I can't believe I forgot to post about this. I did on my Instagram, but I guess I should admit I suck at keeping up with this blog.

Anyway, if you are on Instagram, possibly bookstagram, you might know that some bloody amazing small shops make candles based on books. I've been bookish candle-obsessed for years now and now I can swoon over the fact that one of my all-time favorite candle makers has designed a candle based on my book!

Look how gorgeous it is! Look at Serkhele and his shadows—and Nora with her delicate ears. I am sobbing! The amazing @WickAndJane has done an amazing job bringing a Serkhele candle into existence. Click the picture to order one of these beautiful, smexy candles! The artwork is a piece done by—the also very talented—@PhantomRin. The full piece is much larger, and I have many plans for it in the (fingers crossed) near future. I am also going to tag on to this post some updates regarding The Changeling Saga since it's been a while. —The sequel is halfway written. I already know the first draft will need heavy rewrites. —Yes, I have taken down the print version of The Heart of a Changeling for a few reasons. A) I plan to expand to international sales and to do that I cannot have a physical copy for sale through American retailers due to arbitrary rules since I will be using a third party for the international expansion of sales. B) I wish to release an updated version (hopefully a hardback as well) when I have a solid date for release for book two. —I have a book cover for book two that is almost completed and will be revealed once I have a first draft done (I need to know an estimated page number for the spine thickness). I know this has been forever and rude of me since THOAC ended on such a big cliffhanger. I hear you, I know you want book two, I do too. I am working as fast and as hard as my mental and physical health will allow. Thank you for all your amazing support and patience. I wouldn't have kept the book up after COVID hit if it wasn't for you and your amazing DMs and reviews. Stay Brutal, Caitlyn