White Hot Review

White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published May 30th, 2017

Single POV, First Person

This is the second in a series, to read the review of book one click here!

My favorite in the Hidden Legacy series, White Hot is packed with action, tension, secrets, romance, and is an emotional rollercoaster from the first page to the last. I couldn’t put it down the first time I read it, and I now find myself listening to the audiobook at least once a week.

Nevada and Connor are thrown back together, quite literally, and forced yet again to work together to solve a collection of murders that leads to the uncovering of more of the mystery they first began to unravel months ago while apprehending Adam Pierce in book one. It's also time for Connor and Nevada to work out whatever it is that's between them, and damn is it a fun ride to the romantic conclusion of the book. The banter is superb, and this book is spicy!

Nevada has come a long way in the last months after the fall out of the Pierce case. She's honing her magic and having to be more careful than ever not to draw the wrong eyes to her family. It's a dangerous world among the Primes of Houston, and she's doing her best to navigate it. I absolutely loved Nevada's growth and development in White Hot. So many things change for the Baylor family in this book, some for the worst, and Nevada will do anything she has to to keep her loved ones safe. So, I'll add, will Connor (wink wink, hint hint).

White Hot is a perfect continuation and a magical second installment in this action-packed Urban Fantasy series. There's even a ferret heist, yes you read that right--a FERRET HEIST. I'm truly a believer in the opinion that Ilona Andrews can do no wrong!