White Hot Review

White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2)

By Ilona Andrews

Originally Published May 30th, 2017

Single POV, First Person

This is the second in a series, to read the review of book one click here!

I’ve done this to myself by calling this Ilona Andrews takeover. I know that this series is not complete. I know I will hate myself at the end because I will have to wait on future books. I know this and yet I refuse to stop.

White Hot was action, tension, secrets, and I couldn’t put down. Nevada and Connor are thrown back together, fighting a new threat, preparing for the arrival of an even bigger threat, and working out whatever it is that’s between them.

A perfect continuation and magical second installment in this action-packed urban fantasy series. I'm truly a believer in the opinion that Ilona Andrews can do no wrong!

© 2020 by Caitlyn E. Lloyd

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