Writing Platforms

I got asked today on Instagram what program I use for writing. It's an easy answer, but one I believe needs a bit more explaining than just "I use Reedsy".

Yes, indeed that is the easy answer. I use a completely free online program named Reedsy. It's a veritable goldmine for Indie authors and freelancers within the bookish professional world. Basically, you just sign up, create a new book, and then get to work.

The interphase is super neat and organized and very easy to manage. It also allows you to make the milestones of the publication process. Writing, Production, Marketing, Published.

You upload all the information you need for each book. A cover, digital information that will be input into digital formats automatically, series title, etc.

The writing tool is also very easy to use.

It is an infinity page and you just type and type until you're done with the chapter. You can add chapter titles, art, book parts, forwards, afterwords, etc.

And the other wonderful thing about this site is that you can export your book through their program as an ebook or print-ready PDF, all FOR FREE! With just a couple of clicks! And then the files are ready to go for uploading on sale sites or to send to the printers.

Now, I do A LOT of extra things in my books, such as chapter artwork, so I tamper with the files after I download them from Reedsy. But, say, for my romance books that don't have a fantasy map added in or part art needing to be sectioned out, this program is perfect and saves me so much time for that. I download so many digital copies when I'm writing, sending new chapters to my Beta readers. It's an unlimited amount of conversions. If you are in need of formatting help, this program is for you, and I won't ever use anything else now.

Probably most important, is that you can access your books on any computer or device, it's all saved online. And therefore, nothing is ever lost accidentally if your computer crashes! This has saved my butt so many times over the years!

There are other programs I know authors swear by. Scrivner is a really popular one, but I found that I hated it. The interphase felt weirdly dated, if not a little wacky and complicated for no reason. I have tried it on multiple occasions. For the majority of my life, I used Microsoft Word and got really darn good at using Microsoft Suite in general. But now that I've found Reedsy, I'll never go back.

As for the other praises an author might have for this site is Reedsy's "Marketplace". It's a place you can go to find freelancers, such as editors, marketers, cover designers, etc. It's a truly amazing place and it is much safer to use than simply googling "book cover artist" and possibly getting scammed. These freelancers have a profile, proof of past works and testimonials, and you query them which leads to an offer on their part with examples, details on what they can offer to begin with, and their fees. You can accept or deny the offer, and query as many people as you want until you find the right fit for you and your wallet.

I hope this helps someone out there! Check out Reedsy, and even Scrivner as a lot of people like it! If you don't use an online platform, however, I really recommend saving your files to a cloud program such as Dropbox to make sure nothing is ever lost.