Writing Update

Quarantine has been a hardship for all, for me personally, it has affected me in very polar ways. At the beginning of the COVID shutdown in Texas, I was visiting my brother in Missouri. It was a mess getting home, I was rerouted and put on seven different planes for a flight that, total, should have taken only about three hours. But, while I was staying with my brother, I was halfway through the first draft of a book--don't get excited it was not the sequel of THOAC :( .

A week after returning from my not so relaxing vacation, I finished said draft.

After sending it to a couple of beta readers, their response was so positive it kept me hyped enough to start the sequel immediately.

Two weeks later, I had a new draft of the first book as well as a first draft of the sequel.

(I won't say much about this new series I am working on on the side, but it is a contemporary romance series!)

Book one current word count: 165,000

Book two current word count: 184,000

Do you know how insane that is? To have written that much in A MONTH?

Some might say being quarantined was a good thing because I had nothing else to do except writing. But I, knowing myself, knew I was about to crash and hit a very thick wall. Writing for me is full of ups and downs, manic episodes of writing 10,000 words a day or more, to months of not being able to write a single sentence. So yes, while writing two new books is amazing and I absolutely AM IN LOVE WITH THEM and CAN'T WAIT TO RELEASE THEM IN THE NEXT YEAR . . . they aren't at all the book I should be focusing on writing.

I should be writing the sequel to THOAC. I get messages and comments all over the place asking about a second book.

Well, friends. I've decided: New Blog, New Writing Updates. I'm bringing them back. So here is the low-down as it stands.

---THOAC's sequel, TSOAB (or just SOAB as I like to call it for obvious reasons since this draft might actually kill me) is more than halfway written.

---It is going to be loooonnnggggg. Probably double what THOAC was!

---My original 2020 Spring release date is obviously shot. COVID sent me into a writing spiral of a different series and I have found it hard to find inspiration to continue drafting SOAB.

---While I am pushing through drafting, I have ample time to plan some amazing things for THOAC. I'm leaving this vague, because I do not have official dates set yet, but I AM SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU WHAT I HAVE PLANNED.

---The most important fact is: I AM PRAYING FOR A DECEMBER RELEASE DATE. There are a lot of factors that are needed for this to work out, COVID for one (printer shutdowns and bookstores closed make it difficult to publish anything). But I am praying things will align for me!

I will be posting writing updates as often as I can, or have things to actually update you on, as I did before the publication of THOAC on the old Tumblr blog. Feel free to message me on any of my social media profiles or through the contact form on this site if you have any particular questions. And as always, thank you all so much for all your support. I couldn't do this without you!